Shopspray Punchout

  • What does the Shopspray Punchout add-on do?

    With Shopspray Punchout you get a direct, safe and real-time data transfer channel for purchase requisitions between your customers procurement and your commerce platform. 

    The Shopspray Punchout Add-on for Episerver enables your purchasers to initiate a buying session on your Episerver Commerce platform from their procurement system, showing the purchaser’s specific product range, prices, discounts, campaigns, inventory info, etc.. 

  • How does the Shopspray Punchout add-on work with Episerver?

    The Shopspray Punchout Add-on is - when installed - a native part of Episerver. Our solution gives you punchout capabilities within the wellknown Epi editorial framework and is leveraging on your Epi commerce-, personalization- and visitor group rules. As such you are able to utilize all the great features of your Epi stack in a punchout context and punchout-enable your customers directly using the Epi editor interface.       

  • Which procurement solutions does Shopspray Punchout support?

    Since we are committed to the cXML and OCI standards the Shopspray Punchout add-on supports a wide array of procurement solutions.

    Your purchasers procurement solution is never a problem with Shopspray Punchout. We support: SAP, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV 365, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Exact, Unimarket, Jaggaer (SciQuest) and many more

  • What punchout standards are supported Shopspray Punchout?

    Shopspray Punchout supports cXML, OCI (OCI4, with backwards compatibility to OCI3) and OBI.

  • How long time does it take to get Shopspray Punchout up and running on my site?

    Getting punchout enabled with the Shopspray add-on is straight forward. Install the add-on and customize your templates as you wish. Usually you are up and running within a few days. 

  • How do I install the Add-on?

    Installation is easy. Our add-on is installed as a nuget-packet and with a few installation steps you have punchout capability natively in your Episerver Commerce solution.  

  • Who can help me with the installation?

    Installation is simple but you might want to let your Episerver implementation partner assist you, in order to make changes in templates. We can always provide you with just the right partner for setting up your Shopspray Punchout add-on on your Episerver Commerce solution.  

  • Can I get a demo of the Shopspray Punchout Add-on?

    Absolutely! Just contact us on and we will set up a demo session for you.

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