Introducing Shopspray Punchout For Episerver Commerce

Punchout capability natively in your Episerver Commerce solution

With the Shopspray Punchout add-on for Episerver Commerce you can digitally streamline purchase requisitions and purchase orders with your purchasers and answer to the increasing demand from your customers regarding full digitally compliable (eProcurement-based) commerce procedures.

With Shopspray Punchout you can

  • Act on customer eProcurement demands with a smooth ordering process and full order work flow compliance
  • Minimize order errors
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and buying frequency
  • Minimize customer support ‘fire-fighting’
  • Standardize your e-commerce interaction with your customers
  • Get rid of 3rd party dependencies, and custom developed punchout-like solutions, since Shopspray Punchout is a native add-on for Episerver Commerce

Your purchasers serve themselves and always see the correct assortment with correct discounts and availability. After transfer to procurement system you are in compliance with your purchasers internal workflow

How it works

Shopspray Punchout is an add-on application for your Episerver Commerce solution which gives you punchout capabilities for the benefit of your customers.   

As a supplier you always provide accurate order data, minimizing manual handling and ’customer fire fighting’ among your sales staff and customer support

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