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Software Engineer

Published: 2023-04-04

As a Software Engineer at Shopspray you will assist in the development of our B2B Commerce Products, making them a pleasant experience to use for both the end users and the developers that need to work with them. You will be working with web technologies – not to directly create websites – but to augment our customers’ websites.  

There are various paths open to you in terms of what technologies you will be working with and how you want to grow your skillset as a developer – both your technical and your soft skills. 

Our main stack currently consists of: 

  • C# and .NET (Both .NET Framework and .NET 5+) 
  • Svelte 
  • TypeScript 

But you will also have the option to work with some of the following: 

  • Optimizely CMS/Commerce 
  • Litium CMS/Commerce 
  • Other common .NET-based Commerce frameworks 
  • Composable Commerce frameworks like BigCommerce and Commerce Tools 
  • Azure Cloud Services 
  • NuGet Package Development 
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment 
  • Docker and Containerization 
  • Any other technologies you feel can help solve a technical/business problem. 

Benefits of working at Shopspray 
  • You will be working “in-house” with the focus of making the products as good as possible – i.e., you will not have the additional pressure of meeting billable hours quotas. 
  • We value a good work-life balance so you will have a flexible workday with the option to work from home.  
  • You will be given the room to grow in the ways you want to grow – either your technical skills or any other type of “soft” skills. This can for example mean enrolling in online courses, going to conferences, taking part in the sales process, taking lead for a customer during their onboarding or taking lead in development projects. Whichever way you want to develop your career there will be options available to you. 
  • You will be working with customers all over the world and play a key role in their success in using our products. 

About you 

Both experienced and junior level developers are welcome to apply for this position. 

Requirements preferred: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other education in software development 
  • Experience working with .NET Framework or .NET Core. 
  • Good communication skills in English 

Experience working with one or more of the following: 

  • Any modern component-based JavaScript framework like Vue, React or Svelte 
  • Unit Testing – either for JavaScript or C# 
  • Any of the optional work areas listed above. 
  • Good communication skills in Swedish 

About Shopspray 

Founded in late 2018 Shopspray has a single-minded mission. 

We want to bridge the digitalization gap within B2B industries, businesses, and organizations by creating outstanding digital ordering add-ons for their commerce stack. 

Shopspray is a dedicated product business with a straightforward business model, and we are proud of having the opportunity to work with great clients and partners worldwide. 

Shopspray is a Swedish entity and is based in Malmö Sweden. 


Send information about yourself and your CV to: 

We are currently only looking to employ someone full-time. Consultancy offers will be ignored. 

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