10 Good Reasons for Adding Punchout

By Søren Handlos
There are loads of good reasons for adding punchout capabilities to your B2B commerce stack. Here are the most important:
  1. Streamlined purchasing process: Punchout enables a seamless and efficient purchasing process for B2B buyers by allowing them to access their supplier’s catalog directly from their own procurement system.
  2. Increased accuracy: Punchout eliminates the need for manual entry of purchase orders, reducing the risk of errors and increasing accuracy.
  3. Improved data quality: Punchout automates the exchange of data between the buyer and supplier, ensuring that the information is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Enhanced security: Punchout uses secure protocols to protect sensitive information during the purchasing process.
  5. Greater control: Punchout gives B2B buyers more control over their purchasing process by allowing them to set up pre-approved lists of items, set spending limits, and track spending in real-time.
  6. Better supplier management: Punchout makes it easier for B2B buyers to manage their suppliers by giving them access to real-time information about supplier performance and inventory levels.
  7. Increased efficiency: Punchout reduces the need for manual processes, increasing efficiency and saving time for both buyers and suppliers.
  8. Cost savings: Punchout can help reduce costs by automating the purchasing process, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency.
  9. Better tracking and reporting: Punchout provides detailed reporting and tracking capabilities, giving B2B buyers a better understanding of their purchasing behavior and supplier performance.
  10. Improved user experience: Punchout makes the purchasing process more convenient for B2B buyers by providing them with easy access to supplier catalogs, streamlined order placement, and real-time tracking of orders.

In other words – what is not to like. Curious? Feel free and reach out to us here