Shopspray punchout

Punchout Functionality In Your Commerce Platform


Purchasers serve themselves and always see the correct assortment with correct discounts and availability. After transfer to procurement system you are in compliance with your purchasers internal workflow.

Punchout Session

The punchout session enables a direct, safe and real-time communication channel for order data transfer between your customers procurement system and your commerce platform.


Supplier always provide accurate order data via the commerce catalog in their commerce platform, minimizing manual handling and ’customer fire fighting’ among your sales staff and customer support.

—Job Process

Why Shopspray Punchout?

Great B2B companies worldwide use Shopspray Punchout to serve their customers ordering needs in an easier, faster, smarter and personalized way.


Native Commerce Platform Functionality

It’s all there: session handling, cart return wrapper, customer configuration, template configuration and converter configuration.


It really doesn’t matter if your installation is on-premise or cloud based. The Shopspray punchout add-on is for all types of commerce solutions. We have clients running both on-premise and Cloud based setups.

Multiple Procurement Support

Your purchasers procurement solution is never a problem with Shopspray Punchout. We support: SAP, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV 365, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Exact, Unimarket, Jaggaer (SciQuest) and many more.

Modular Architecture

Our modular architecture makes it easy to fit Shopspray Punchout to different environments (e.g. customized login procedures in different procurement systems).

Using common standards

We love standards. Shopspray Punchout supports cXML, OCI (OCI5 and OCI4, with backwards compatibility to OCI3) and OBI.

Fast implementation

Installing Shopspray Punchout is fast. Usually just a few hours for the actual add-on and from a few days to couple of weeks fitting to your customers demands.

Easy Customer Adaption

With Shopspray Punchout you can easily on-board new customers and change status on existing customers directly in your commerce platform editor interface.

API Based

Shopspray Punchout is API based and built for ease of implementation and continuous updates.
We value your time

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