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Why Field Sales And Account Managers Should Embrace The New Digital Reality Within B2B

Ecommerce & Digital Ordering Is Changing The B2B Sales Game According to Gartner 83% of B2B buyers prefer ordering or paying through digital commerce and this has wide implications on B2B sales. So B2B sales is in flux, but field sales personn...

FAQ: What is the difference between EDI and Punchout?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Punchout are two different technologies for exchanging business data electronically. EDI is a set of standard protocols for exchanging business data electronically. It enables organizations to automate many...

10 Good Reasons for Adding Punchout

There are loads of good reasons for adding punchout capabilities to your B2B commerce stack. Here are the most important: Streamlined purchasing process: Punchout enables a seamless and efficient purchasing process for B2B buyers by allowing t...

B2B digital commerce is on a fast track

And the US is leading the way in the digital transformation we are seeing. According to a new study from Digital Commerce 360, this year distributors are on track to grow digital commerce in all its multiple forms, including ecommerce, and apps...

New strong alliance in Australia with Fusion

Shopspray is thrilled to partner up with Fusion in Australia. Fusion is a digital product studio whose driving purpose is to ‘create experiences people love’ while delivering tangible business outcomes for customer focused organisations. Int...

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Commerce Punchout for Litium Commerce Cloud

Shopspray has launched it’s Commerce Punchout add-on for Litium Commerce Cloud. Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors utilizing the Litium platform can now digitally connect with their customers eprocurement systems/ERPs – and wo...

Commerce Punchout for Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud

Shopspray launches it’s Commerce Punchout add-on for Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Insite Commerce) and manufacturers & distributors can now add – and work with – punchout as an additional digital ordering ...

Death of the Sales Rep
The Death of the Sales Rep – It’s Personal

Back in 2015, a Forrester report forecasted that a million B2B sales people in the US would be out of a job by 2020. Was the crystal ball right? While Covid has clearly pushed many changes to processes in the B2B world, none seems to hav...

The Great B2B (Train) Robbery

In this McKinsey report from 2019, marketplaces, in particular Amazon, were seen as a disruptor in B2B commerce. Two years later, it appears that this disruption may be forcing some companies to reconsider, as they realize the impact of ...

White Cap

White Cap is one of the US largest suppliers of power tools and specialty materials to professional concrete contractors adds Shopspray Commerce Punchout to their Optimizely B2B Commerce solution. Visit White Cap