Aura Light
All lights on personalized digital ordering

Swedish Aura Light provide a wide array of different organizations and industries with highly customized lightning solutions worldwide.

With Aura Light’s strategic focus on providing their customers industry leading and highly flexible illumination and lightning solutions it was only natural for Aura Light to base their newest digital customer experience and commerce solution on a well-proven platform for B2B – Swedish commerce provider Litium and their cloud based platform ‘Litium Commerce Cloud’.  

Aura Lights customer platform and commerce portal is handling their extensive and specialized product catalogs and includes Litium-native punchout capabilities for specific customer segments with Shopspray Commerce Punchout.    

About Aura Light: Aura Light was founded in 1930 under the LUMA brand. From here Aura Light have further developed their cutting-edge expertise in lighting and are today an international market player providing a complete range of tailor-made, high-tech and sustainable lighting solutions across many different industries.