The Chef's Warehouse
Digital ordering on the menu

The Chef’s Warehouse, a leading specialty wholesale food distributor catering to restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and fine food stores across North America and beyond, is proud to announce its latest innovation in the realm of digital ordering.

With an extensive customer base exceeding 34,000, The Chef’s Warehouse has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional center-of-plate foods, fresh produce, and complementary non-food products from over 2,500 suppliers. 

As a demand-driven company serving prominent establishments, the integration of e-commerce and full digital ordering has become a top priority.

“To better service our customers, we have partnered with Shopspray. Shopspray Commerce Punchouts allows us to easily extend our rapid, precise, and personalized shopping experiences to our customers who are required to order out of third-party procurement systems. The value of implementing Shopspray punchout ordering is truly transformative. We can get our customers up and ordering in seconds instead of weeks.” says Chefs’ Warehouse Head of Digital Product, Ari Pappas

At The Chef’s Warehouse, each customer is assigned a dedicated sales representative who serves as a knowledgeable guide, providing inspiration and streamlining the menu creation and ordering process. This personalized approach, coupled with a state-of-the-art website and advanced technology solutions, ensures that customers can easily shop and place orders, enabling them to devote more time to cooking and entertaining their valued guests.

About The Chef’s Warehouse: For over 35 years, The Chef’s Warehouse has been dedicated to providing quality products to over 100,000 esteemed customers worldwide. Their clientele includes Michelin-rated restaurants, independent dining establishments, restaurant groups, hotels, country clubs, and specialty food stores across 23 key markets in North America and beyond.